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Alliance of Muslim Women

in Spirituality and Humanity

Cultivating the Beauty of Faith

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A safe haven for seeking spiritual guidance through Islamic activities such as muhadarah sessions, late-night reflections, and special webinars.


A platform to engage in community outreach and humanitarian activities to help improve lives.

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A subscription for weekly inspirational and heartwarming memos.

Night of hope


A weekly virtual retreat activity to bring the team closer and build a strong cohesive culture within AMWoSH.

An online publication that aims to dismantle misperceptions and promote awareness & understanding of the message of Islam.

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In Spirituality





Critical Thinking


Relationship Building

The Alliance of Muslim Women in Spirituality and Humanity (AMWoSH) is a socio-civic Philippine-based organization comprised of a committed body of Muslim Women who aims to build an empowering and inclusive community for aspirants of spiritual knowledge, a platform for community outreach and social initiatives, and a safe space to inspirit Muslim Women in making a positive impact on society through reviving Islamic discourse among Muslim Women.

Worship in Islam has a comprehensive definition that introduces and unites the purposeless heart with the spiritual heart, the internal soul with the exterior body, and the individual with society. In Islam, worship indicates a sincere commitment to and submission to Allah. With that, Islam is a holistic approach to worship because it integrates the inner self and the outer deeds into a comprehensive concept of worship so that humanity might accomplish the purpose for which Allah created them. When a person attains this level of comprehensive worship, he becomes harmonious with the rest of Allah's creation as a consequence of all of Allah's creation surrendering to His laws of nature. Therefore, they are in a condition of worship to God.

A holistic approach is seeing beyond the surface of something to see it as a full, interrelated entity that forces one to consider the broader picture. In a post-secular age, we live in a complex society that is seeking solutions to the problems that our faith is confronting. Muslims began to lose touch with their deen as what was previously a very comprehensive and holistic healing system began to fall apart. However, it is imperative for us to be conscious of the impact of the surroundings, which ultimately is a huge factor in diminishing one's faith. That being said, AMWoSH intends to articulate the message of Islam by unraveling the modern and relevant concerns that our community faces, as well as the concerns that an average Muslim individual faces in her community today, through a variety of initiatives across multiple platforms, using the three approaches:

FAITH-BASED. AMWoSH strongly nurtures the importance of putting the heart at the center and connecting the mind, the body, the soul, and the emotions to it. As such, we construct a faith-building-focused range of activities that strengthen and connect one's heart to Allah. Through the continuous learning process and soul practice toward actions that inspire good behavior, our programs and activities help to foster faithful enthusiasm. We bring to the fore the significance of Islamic values in enhancing and sustaining an individual's productivity in conveying the message of Islam in accordance with the holistic approach of both the Qur'an and Sunnah practices.

SERVICE-ORIENTED. AMWoSH recognizes that there are various ways to feel a community's pulse and learn about its vulnerabilities. To genuinely understand and connect with others, one must be willing to interact, listen, absorb, and be empathetic to new experiences that are consistent with the Qur'an and Sunnah practices in inviting people to Islam. Contributing to the Ummah necessitates numerous people working in diverse areas of goodness that encourage individuals to be productive citizens in order to build a healthy and holistic environment. With that, AMWoSH believes that good intentions should be equaled with hard work so that we may work together to build a bridge between individuals and vulnerable groups while adhering to and upholding correct Islamic principles, teachings, and practices for Allah's cause.

RESEARCH-CENTERED. AMWoSH believes that building a relationship with a community starts with a dialogue. We, therefore, ask our scholars, practitioners, specialists, students, and writers to explore today's demanding, complex, and diverse concerns by integrating faith-based traditions with progressive thinking systems through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary lenses which seek to dismantle misperceptions of Islam. We strive to revive the longing tradition of scholarship in Islam and hence, it strongly accentuates the importance of education as a tool of articulating the message of Islam. As such, we hope to cultivate an environment that inspires wits and liberates hearts from one's continual learning journey.

The Alliance of Muslim Women in Spirituality and Humanity envisions building an empowering and inclusive community for our fellow Muslim Women who are adherents of the proper teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah; and are driven by true life purpose with the goal of reviving Islamic discourse among Muslim Women, all of which are significant to one’s understanding of the self, faith, and the world. We illuminate the strength of knowledge in articulating the message of Islam to maximize impact. We are a dedicated community geared towards bolstering a well-balanced God-conscious and service-oriented identity that integrates one's passion for fulfilling both their spiritual and communal obligations in fostering the development of the Muslim Women community.


The Alliance of Muslim Women in Spirituality and Humanity thrives to recognize and practice excellence in embracing their responsibilities aligned with their vision; and as a behavior and a way of life that will instill them and serve humanity by true life purpose as they grow and develop in communities and society at large. With a full commitment to the values of Islam, we aspire to deliver a faith-based approach to articulating the message of Islam that aims to enrich their understanding of spiritual guidance as well as to ascertain, uplift, and sustain the honor and excellence of an individual as a vicegerent of Allah. We administer and implement service-oriented approach initiatives steered towards heartening Muslim Women in their holistic well-being. We aim to cultivate an environment that inspires wits and liberates hearts from the continual learning journey geared towards a research-centric approach and incorporates a learning culture that contains a practical understanding of Islamic values that contributes to the fortification of one's overall well-being.


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Reema Macadato

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Reema Macadato

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Reema is a BS Economics student at University of the Philippines Los Baños and a writer who loves to pen down her thoughts in a spiritual panorama. As a third culture kid, she spent most of her formative years in the Middle East, shaped by her parents’ multicultural peripatetic spheres. She is actively involved in leadership student organizations. Her fascination with Moro identity has recently prompted her to learn and explore more about the Bangsamoro identity struggle, as well as historical revisionism, and the utter lack of a holistic Islamic education on Bangsamoro. Her curiosity persists as a budding economist embarking on a journey to rethink economics in terms of humanity’s long-term goals rather than its long-established theories. Her frustrations with uncertain economic theories sparked her interest in exploring the gap between conventional and Islamic economic paradigms through a God-centered meta-framework. During her break, she loves to watch histories and documentaries, read blog and journal articles, and listen to podcasts while coloring some pages to ease her anxious soul. Her interests mainly revolve around Islamic economics, sustainable development, women’s economic empowerment, medieval Islamic history and sciences, community outreach, and productive discourses.

Director of research and education




Maeisoon is a BS Psychology student at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao who grew up in the warm and sunny city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Growing up an ethnically diverse daughter to immigrant parents, she has always sought her identity, sense of belonging, and opportunity, which fostered her to embark on a journey to unearth her passion and purpose. She is now an avid player of volleyball, an advocate for mental health and body positivity, and an artist who unravels her tangled thoughts on a blank canvas. When she is not playing on the court, speaking about self-awareness and acceptance, or browsing for art inspirations, she indulges in home cooking and baking, cafe hopping and hunting, and thrifting clothes. Amidst the circling thoughts in her mind, she cherishes her time alone and believes it to be as soothing as having company. Inquisitive a mind can be, a life-defining moment ensued when she discovered the mind and behavior of human nature in a medical and sociological context because it enthralled her to highlight and articulate an Islamically integrated perspective to Psychology, making it her purpose to educate and empower the ummah for the sake of Allah. Her interests mainly revolve around Islamic psychology, mental and physical wellness, spiritual journey, productivity, personal and leadership development, as well as coffee, food, graphic design, photography and film journaling.

Maeisoon Ansari

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Amna Janica Alug

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Amna is a BS Management Accounting student at Liceo de Cagayan University who is active in several student organizations. She spent a chunk of her youth in Doha, Qatar, and has always deemed herself a Middle Eastern kid by heart. Being a bibliophile at an early age helped improve her English speaking and writing skills and ignited her pursuit of learning. Her quest of learning led her fascination toward the field of academia, but through Allah's plan, she ended up taking Accountancy and by His Grace, made her realize the crucial role that accountants contribute as a backbone of economic development and growth. Thus, she is persevering in being educated in this field in hopes that in the future, she can share her learnings and motivate other aspirants of accountancy to be at the forefront in making economic and social progress in our society. Despite being a beginner in seeking Islamic knowledge, she aspires to contribute and spread awareness whilst empowering her fellow Muslim Women through Allah's help and guidance. Her interests mainly revolve around psychology, science, mental health, history, digital minimalism, and personal development. She considers youtube videos and podcasts as her best friend, for the channels and resources provided by these platforms have helped her learn more during her free time.

Director of human resources and skills development


Rainah Pagandamun

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Rainah is a BS Education Major in English student at Pamantasan ng Cabuyao who also handles her family's business as a side hustle. She believes that education is crucial in da'wah as it raises awareness and provides lifelong opportunities for the betterment of our community. Her profession allows her to put herself in the shoes of others by giving voice to the voiceless and sharing unheard experiences of Muslim women from all walks of life. She feels that encouraging our youth to participate in contributing to the ummah promotes an empowered culture by giving them a voice in molding our future. She strongly advocates the use of modern pedagogy that is in line with the proper practices of the Qur'an and Sunnah in pursuing da'wah as she believes that it allows learners to gain more information through varied ways that are appropriate for this global age. She has recently been intrigued by entrepreneurial studies, which focus on analyzing a business's methods and strategies in order to transform ideas into healthy investments and operations. Her interests mainly revolve around poetry, essays that tackle societal issues and watching documentaries. She is certain that "When we repair our relationship to Allah, He repairs everything else for us."

director of partnerships and outreach

Ustadha Nur-Ainee Lim

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Nur Ainee is the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Social Services and Development in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. She promotes Islam as a vehicle for unity, peace and development. In 2017, She graduated top of her class and was a Dean’s Lister at the Asian Institute of Management for her master’s degree in Development Management. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from Preston University Ajman. She passed the Shari’ah bar exam in 2022. She is also the President of Al Husna Foundation, Inc., and a Qur’an and Islamic instructor at New Muslim Academy Philippines Online.


director marketing ang publicity

Ameera is a BS Medical Technology student at Universidad de Zamboanga who spent a chunk of her youth in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her early years in Jeddah were so ingrained in her soul fibers that she even took its cultural baggage with her when she moved to the Philippines. For her, spending her free time at a cafe shop while reading a book and drinking her favorite iced coffee is like entering a sweet abyss that serenades her heart. In this globalizing world we live in nowadays, it is certain that knowledge expands exponentially as we learn and experience new things every day. From those experiencing new things is discovering the extraordinary microbial world that is not visible to the naked eye. It is wondrous to see how the richness of beauty stretches well beyond what people can see, and how there are worlds inside worlds of detail to be explored on a tiny scale. This stimulated her interest in learning more not just in the medical field, but also in the field of Islam, with the aim of helping to educate the ummah regarding the importance of healthcare. She believes that every aspiring medical practitioner should know the substantial contributions of medieval Islamic medicine in enhancing the understanding of the body's functions, the inclusion of female doctors, and the establishment of hospitals. Her interests mainly revolve around science, healthcare, self-help books, and volunteerism.

Ameera Sali

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Jamilah is a Licensed Electronics Engineer, working in the telecommunication field and earned her BS Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She marvelled at how machines operate as well as how the science of nature works–from the way they move, the connection between each piece, its purpose, and its impact on human development. It was during her undergraduate years that ignited her curiosity when she designed circuits and found out that she was very fond of how each element works to function as a whole. As the vastness of technology extends our abilities to change the world along with watching the art of nature, it humbles her to realize that there is a lot to explore and learn in pursuit of a greater cause. Her goal is to have seamless connectivity for each Muslim specifically those who are living in rural areas to have easy access to Islamic knowledge through using her skills and expertise in telecommunication technologies especially now in this digital age, in sha Allah. She spends her free time studying Arabic and learning how to code using programming languages. Her interests mainly revolve around telecommunication technologies, self-help books, journaling, and nature.

Jamilah De Silva

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Launch Your Career: Elevate and Explore Your Journey

This is a monthly special webinar designed for Muslim Students from diverse career fields. The aim of the webinar is to provide Muslim students with the tools and knowledge needed to elevate their career prospects and explore new opportunities. Through interactive sessions and panels of experts’ advice, participants will gain valuable insights on career development plans that are grounded in faith, service, and integrity as Muslim professionals. With that, this special webinar encourages Muslim students who are looking to take their careers to the next level and achieve success in their chosen fields.

"As you navigate the vastness of career opportunities, allow yourself to be pulled by the gravitational forces of knowledge and learning. Seek out mentors, professionals, and wise guides who can share their wisdom and offer insights into different career paths. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive and embrace lifelong learning and adaptability as constant companions on your journey."

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4 June 2023 / Registration for the event has ended.

Step into the virtual realm of possibilities as we delve into the world of medicine through enlightening talks and presentations by accomplished Muslim healthcare professionals. Discover their personal journeys, hear their success stories, and gain invaluable insights into how they have harmonized their medical careers with their Islamic beliefs. Be inspired by their experiences and learn how to navigate the medical field with integrity, compassion, and faith. Let us immerse ourselves in the wisdom and expertise of accomplished Muslim professionals who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields.

This special webinar is a gateway to unlocking your potential as a Muslim youth in the field of medicine. Gain an understanding of the various specialties, career paths, and opportunities available. Discover the transformative impact you can make in people's lives by combining your faith, compassion, and knowledge. Embarking on a career in medicine can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. That's why this event will provide you with essential guidance and practical advice to navigate this intricate path. Learn about the balance of faith and work and this is the opportunity to accelerate your journey and help you achieve your goals.